Wilsons of the Northwoods

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas from the Northwoods of Wisconsin!

The biggest family event of this past year was Adam's departure to Bethany Bible College -- which is 1578 miles from home! Although it was a major adustment for all of us, he is doing great, and we're really proud of him.

Adam, Ryan, Luke and Wes all qualified for the Bible Quizzing Nationals Competition in Huron, Ohio.

Mark received a grant from the Louisville Institute, and this spring he and Cathy took the trip of a lifetime to Great Britian -- England, Scotland, and Wales. A highlight of the trip was visiting Crail, Scotland -- a small coastal fishing village on the Scottish fife. Cathy's maiden name is Crail -- and her ancestors come from there. It was romatic!

We visited the Wesley sites, the British Museum, and Moriah Chapel (the birthplace of the 1904 Welsh Revival.) We also were privileged to spend an afternoon in Edinburgh, and toured St. Giles Cathedral. Another highlight was attending Evensong at Westminster Abbey.

Ryan turned 16 and got his drivers license. He learned to play the guitar this year.

Hannah is taking violin lessons. Luke and Wes have been picking up piano. Looks like we'll have a band! Perhaps, the Musical Von-Wilson Family.

The sabbatical concluded with a family trip to Florida. On the way, we visited Jimmy Carter's Sunday School Class in Plains. Georgia. It was fun to meet Jimmy and Roselyn.

We went to the beach, visited Universal, and explored the fort at St. Augustine. A former Disney executive graciously opened his home to us.

Adam went on a Mission Trip to Jamaica -- helping them to conduct their Bible Quizzing Nationals. (It's a school sport in Jamaica!)

Adam and Ryan also went with on a Mission Trip with our church youth group to New York City.

Mark had some interesting opportunities to speak this year -- at a Pilgrim Wesleyan in Brooklyn (a beautiful Haitian congregation); the Minnesota Church Ministries Convention; and Wesleyan ministerial training courses in Indiana and Michigan.

Cathy continues to homeschool the kids, and is busy leading Bible Quizzing at our church.

Adam came home for Canadian Thanksgiving!

God has continued to bless Hayward Wesleyan Church. Several people have recently come to faith in Christ. Also, we have deployed individuals and mission teams to Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Jamaica, Nicaragua, New York and Chicago.

We thank you for your love and prayers. God is good.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Reflection

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